Tuesday, May 09, 2006

First posting

Having spent the weekend listening to someone else's temporary depression. It became time for me to start on my own. So what better place to deal with that depression than a cheerful blog. Best part of the past weekend was going to The Rex to listen to some jazz. $8 cover charge is certainly worth it.

Plus, the ex-lead singer of the Lesley Spit Treeo was there accepting tips on behalf of the club. That was strange. Never sure what happened to them. Their cover of Angel Of Montgomery was pretty good back in the early 90s.

Now that the weekend is over, I have Steely Dan all over my car stereo.

Top 5 Steely Dan CDs
1. Can't Buy A Thrill
2. Katy Lied
3. Gaucho
4. Aja
5. Countdown To Ecstasy

Monday night, all the sudden the best night of TV of the week. Prison Break was terrific as the group (or most of them) have now escaped. More happens in one episode of that show than in an entire season of Lost. Why are people still watching Lost! Than 24 comes on. Another action packed show with someone almost arresting Jack Bauer. And then, in the last minute, a suprise phone call that sets events in motion for the following week. BTW, check out Dave Barry's blog after the show. It is usually humourous.

The night ends with CSI: Miami, but unless lead actor David Caruso is doing some specificly interesting style of cheesy acting on that night, I am usually asleep by 10:30. Everyone picks on Caruso's acting, why does no one ever pick on Adam Rodriguez' moodiness? This actor has two looks, the "I am mad at you" look or "Hey, here is my pretty smile" look.



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