Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Searching for Sam

I received word today that Sam Adams Brewery has developed a new glass to drink their fine beverage. It is detailed above. It looks a bit like a coke glass but there are very good reasons for that shape.

Bead inside top rim - small ridge creates turbulence to increase CO2 and aroma release as beer enters palate
Lip of the Glass - places the beer on the front of the tongue where sweetness is tasted
Narrowness - enhances hop aroma by concentrating the head
Round Shape - greater volume to surface ratio maintains temperature longer
Narrow grip - reduces the beer's exposure to heat from the hand
Nucleation site - increases hop aroma release
The only reason I mention this is this all happens on the same day that I have booked my flight to Chicago in the last week of April. Yes, I realize Sam Adams is brewed in Boston, but, like a lot of major US cities. Sam Adams can be found on draught everywhere. Including fave Chicago restaurants such as Maggiano's and Uno's.
J-Mac is in Chicago on business in April and I am flying in on the Thursday to join her for a long weekend in the windy city. I arrive in Chicago around noon and plan on dropping off my stuff at the hotel and walking over to Uno's having a numero uno deep dish pizza along with a pint of Sam Adams while reading that day's Chicago Sun-Times. I am pretty sure it will be one of those perfect alone moments that happen few times in life.
Top 5 songs by the band Chicago
1. 25 Or 6 To 4
2. (I've Been) Searching So Long
3. Questions 67 & 68
4. Feelin' Stronger Every Day
5. Just You 'n Me



Anonymous grex said...

It's a beer glass, fer crissakes. Mind you, change Uno's to a Starbucks, the beer to a Cinnamon Dolce, the Sun Times to a Soap Opera Weekly and it would be my perfect moment - even in Chicago.

1:59 PM  

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