Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday blahs

Wednesday is always a bit of a downer in the summer. It's the day after my Tuesday night baseball game. This means I usually have a headache from the draught at the bar that sponsors our team.

Last night's game was a victory over our hated rivals 24-6. The game wasn't without drama as this team clearly does not like us and I guess we are supposed to hate them as they knocked us out of the playoffs last year. However, I don't think any of us REALLY care that much. It is just something to do on Tuesday nights.

God help me, I was home in time to watch Gilmore Girls. I am not sure why I watch this show probably the smart writing, terrific acting by the two lead females and the interesting, if not too soapy, storylines. I can't believe this show has lasted this many years. It seems like one of those shows that would be cancelled too soon because of its' quirkiness.

Top 5 recent TV shows cancelled too soon.
1. Sports Night
2. The Secret Lives Of Men
3. Love Monkey
4. The Ben Stiller Show
5. Gideon's Crossing

Unfortunately, I fear that How I Met Your Mother will soon reach this list. I am still working out how to more personalize these blogs. It should improve in the weeks to come.



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