Friday, August 11, 2006

Chili Peppers (no longer red hot but still not bad)

With not much on TV last night, I spent a little time watching Much Music. A video that they have been playing non-stop for weeks is the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Dani California. It's a decent song, a little too poppy for that band. But the viusuals read like a history of rock as the band throughout the song appear dressed as bands from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc etc.

What's interesting is that the video was directed by Tony Kaye. He got his start directing beer commercials and ended up with a gig directing American History X with Edward Norton.

Top 5 Edward Norton films
1. Fight Club
2. 25th Hour
3. The Italian Job
4. Primal Fear
5. The Score
(don't knock this list, ask me tomorrow and it could change drastically)

Norton didn't like the final cut of the film and re-edited it. Kaye was so upset by the re-edit that he demanded his name be taken off the film and it be credited to the fake pseudonym Alan Smithee. The Directors Guild of America refused. Kaye's name has since been mud and has not gotten a film project since.

The new Christina Aguilera video is also getting a lot of play. Honestly, I know who she is. I remember the whole Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears debate for Best New Artist Grammy in 2000. I guess the more viable artist has been made more clear in the years since. This new song isn't bad, it has a jazzy feel and she has a pretty good voice, though, I have no idea what she actually sounds like live.

Then there is always the video for Paris Hilton video Stars Are Blind. Not sure what to say about that. Still looks like that Chris Isaak video Wicked Games from 1989.



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