Friday, August 04, 2006

J-Mac don't get any ideas

So this recent billboard has been causing a stir in Chicago. It is located at the corner of Ontario and LaSalle by the Ontourage night club. There are many theories floating around the internet regarding whether this is a joke by some bored rich person, a brilliant marketing scheme or really is a spurned wife.

Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper weighed in on the topic in his column yesterday. The website Gawker mentions a similar billboard up in New York City.

This ruse has even gone so far that the supposed perpetrator, Emily, has a blog about her exploits.

Top 5 things I like to do in Chicago.
1. Drinking anywhere as all restaurants and pubs have Samuel Adams on draught
2. Having deep dish pizza at Uno's
3. Eating at Maggiano's on Grand Street
4. Walk along the Chicago River which winds it's way around downtown Chicago.
5. Go to a Cubs game



Blogger JMacK said...

Apparently there is another one of the billboards not only in New York but also in San Francisco. It is rumoured to be for a new show on Court TV... by the way Maggianos is on N. Clark Street. Just thinking about Maggiano's gives me a hankering for another trip to Chi town. Don't forget the Chicago ChopHouse as well.

2:23 PM  
Blogger JMacK said...

Forgot to mention...apparently the Billboard is something called "Viral Marketing" there is even a video now of "Emily" driving up in her SUV just when Steve is walking on the sidewalk outside his office and she dumps his clothes, golf clubs etc on the sidwalk in front of him. Interesting that there is a camera man handy to film it all.

2:46 PM  

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