Saturday, August 26, 2006

From Left to Right

So while trying to pass the time working at the CNE, I went to the driving range located in the same building as our booth on Thursday night. I grabbed a left handed 7 iron and wacked away. There was a golf pro there who watched a couple of my swings and said, "You are not a left handed golfer."

I turned to her and said I have only ever golfed left handed, hit a baseball lefthanded and shot a hockey puck left handed. She responded by saying she understands but that based on my flexibility in my left handed backswing. I am probably a right handed golfer.

Now, you have to understand what she looked like and what her voice sounded like. You know the movie Snatch, that scene where Sol and Vinny who try to rob a bookie.

Sol...Give us all your money!
Female bookie...All bets are off.
Sol...I am not here to make a bet!!
Female bookie...I appreciate it, but ALL...BETS...ARE...OFF. If all bets are off, then there can't be any money can't there?
Sol...I am not fucking buying that!
Female bookie...Well, that's handy because I ain't fucking selling it.

She looked and sounded like that female bookie (without the low class british accent). Anyway, she gave me a right handed club. Confirmed her theory that I would be a better right handed golfer by showing that I have better flexibility in my backswing going right handed. And I took a couple of swings. Hard to tell, the distance but the drives I hit certainly were straight.

Top 5 Brad Pitt Movies
1. Twelve Monkeys
2. Snatch
3. Fight Club
4. Ocean's Eleven
5. Sleepers

So, despite this, I spent Friday morning golfing LEFT HANDED at the golf course Innisbrooke outside of Barrie. Having played there in mid-July. I found I ended up with the exact same score of 105. Kind of depressing. Though I should be happy that I had some better shots though I find I am hitting for more height than I am length. Probably something to do with my tee being too high and me scooping the ball as opposed to hitting it.

We then spent the rest of Friday with my sister and her kids Courtney and Troy. We took them out for dinner at Old Firehall Pizza at the base of Blue Mountain. The food was okay, Courtney had some nice fettucine alfredo which wasn't too creamy. Laura, J-Mac and I all had pizzas. Troy stuck with some minced carrots and scraps from all the other dinners. What was surprising was the service. Our waiter was probably the nicest, most professional, friendliest waiter I had ever seen. I was almost suspicious because he was so nice. I mean he wasn't a tip hound. He was just genuinely great and terrific with Courtney and Troy. It certainly made for a great night.

Oh well, off to the CNE for the next two days. Somebody shoot me.



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