Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And the Oscar for best interviewee goes to...

...Paul Giamatti. I like every interview with him. He is just so honest and un-star like. I once read this interview with him and a bunch of other actors. It was a roundtable discussion with him, Hilary Swank, Annette Bening, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Fox and the lovely Kate Winslet.

It starts off with a bang as it is mentioned that Giamatti was the only one of the bunch who was actually early. He grumbled, "I've got to start building lateness into my schedule." Throughout the rest of the discussion, Giamatti comes off as the most honest, funny and real out of the bunch of them. Here is the transcript.

Top 5 Paul Giamatti films
1. Sideways
2. American Splendor
3. Cinderella Man
4. The Negotiator
5. Paycheck

It is rather shocking that Giamatti has only been nominated for one Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor for the film Cinderella Man. He should have also received nominations for Best Actor for Sideways as well as American Splendor.

As many of you may not know Giamatti's father was A. Bartlett Giamatti, former Commisioner of Major League Baseball. He is well known for banishing Pete Rose from baseball due to him betting on games. Eight days after making that announcement, Giamatti died from a heart attack. This still rather painful subject is something both acting sons Paul and brother Marcus (best known for being on the show Judging Amy) refuse to talk about in interviews. However, Paul WILL talk about anything else. Check this interview from The AV Club from earlier this week. He is surprisingly candid about his own acting career. And keep in mind, this is a career that has included roles in Big Momma's House (yikes!) , Big Fat Liar (double yikes!) and Thunderpants (wha?).

Speaking of bad comedies, the film You, Me and Dupree has drawn the ire of the members of Steely Dan. They are upset as the character Dupree from that film (played by Owen Wilson) seems to be ripped off the character from the Steely Dan song Cousin Dupree. On the band's official website, they have written a letter to Owen Wilson's brother Luke Wilson. It is a pretty funny read.



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