Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A triumverate

I already wrote about Michael Jackson and James Brown, I found this video of Jackson, Brown and Prince sharing the same stage. Judging by Brown's apparent age, Jackson's look and Prince's style...I would say this is about 1987.

Top 5 Prince Albums
1. Purple Rain
2. Controversy
3. 1999
4. Sign O' The Times
5. Emancipation

Not that the above video is all that good. I just like how Prince is smart enough not to follow James Brown by singing...he just plays guitar. But still, the three of them sharing the stage, at least for a moment is pretty incredible. The music equivalant of that time Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente started for the National League in the 1962 All-Star Game.

For a more interesting Prince performance on TV, I really prefer him and Beyonce singing at the 2003 Grammy Awards.

Unrelatedly, Chris Rock has a new movie coming out. And unlike Down To Earth, Bad Company, Head Of State, Pootie Tang and any other Chris Rock starring vehicle you can think of...the trailer actually looks funny. The title is called I Think I Love My Wife.



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