Friday, May 12, 2006

I learned how to add hyperlinks!!!!

Searching around the internet last night, I found some interesting articles. The first is from the AV Club which lists 10 character actors that should be in every movie. It's a fair article as some of my favourite actors like Gary Cole and William Fichtner. I have liked Gary Cole ever since he starred in the TV movie Fatal Vision about the Jeffrey MacDonald case . Fichtner, currently being seen on the Lost/X-Files hybrid Invasion has been memorable in small roles from Crash (his one scene with Don Cheadle maybe the best one in the film), Go and Contact. My favourite scene ever with him was in the remake of the Burt Lancaster film Criss Cross called Underneath. He plays a mobster who just found out that his wife slept with her ex-boyfriend played by Peter Gallagher. Gallagher is explaining things to Fichtner's character, essentially trying to save his own life. Fichtner looks calm and then yells "I'D LOVE TO FORGET THE WHOLE THING UNFORTUNATELY YOU CAN'T UNFUCK MY WIFE." Best line reading ever!!!

Or maybe the best line reading ever is by Gary Oldman in The Professional. He plays a dirty cop who must kill this little girl and the hitman who is protecting her. Near the end of the movie, he realizes that he has to pull out all the stops to kill them or else he is screwed. So he tells another police officer to get back up. He tells that cop to "Bring me everyone". The cop is confused, "Everyone?" Oldman turns the word everyone into a six syllable word by yelling "EEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRYYYYYYONNNNNNEEEEEEE."

Top 5 Gary Oldman films
1. JFK
2. The Contender
3. Immortal Beloved
4. The Fifth Element
5. The Professional

Fox Sports has posted an article about an LA psychologist who is suing the Anaheim Angels for age and sex discrimination. It seems he and thousands of other men were denied a red nylon tote bag during a Mother's Day giveaway at the ballpark last year. Personally, as a man, I don't own anything that is either red, nylon or could be considered a tote bag.



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