Monday, March 12, 2007

Cory, Brad and Christina

As many baseball fans remember, Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle was killed in October of 2006 when he slammed his plane into a 40 story New York apartment building. There was a big debate in the airline industry as Lidle was an avid pilot but had just got his licence in February of the same year.

That debate has been long since forgotten but the accident which rained debris on the New York City sidewalk reminding many of 9/11 is still in the news. Why? Because New York City dentist Larry Rosenthal is suing...wait for it...Cory Lidle's grieving wife and family for $7 million because it was Lidle's careless flying that caused the accident. An accident that ruined his apartment.

"There's no excuse for smacking a plane into an apartment building in the middle of Manhattan," says Rosenthal's lawyer David Jaroslawicz. Apparantly, the Rosenthals' are "still homeless". Though I find it difficult to believe that they are actually sleeping on the streets.

But here is the rest of the story, Rosenthal is renowned for his lack of class. So much so that there is a website called that is all about his history. According to the website, "BadDentist.Com is a 100% free public service, created specifically to warn patients of the numerous complaints about Dr. Rosenthal, and to collect complaints about Dr. Rosenthal from patients." This paragraph explains all that you need to know about Rosenthal.

"Celebrity" dentist Dr. Larry Rosenthal has been sued at least five times for malpractice. Dr. Rosenthal has had his professional license suspended after he admitted to illegally purchasing and distributing hundreds of grams of cocaine and many other illegal drugs. Dr. Rosenthal got caught lying about all of this under oath, thereby committing perjury, a felony punishable by five years imprisonment. Dr. Rosenthal has been sued by a competitor for stealing client records. Right now, Dr. Rosenthal is being sued by his own associate dentist. In the filings of that case, Dr. Rosenthal's associate claims that Dr. Rosenthal is both a liar and a criminal. Additionally, a receptionist where Dr. Rosenthal used to work claims under oath that Dr. Rosenthal sexually harassed her and other co-workers. Dr. Rosenthal has also lied to the press many times in order to promote himself. Additionally, Dr. Rosenthal has now admitted that providing a list of patients who traded sex for free dental work would violate doctor-patient confidentiality. "
Speaking of death, Boston lead singer Brad Delp died on the weekend. He was home alone and only 55 years old. For some reason, I am beginning to think it may end up being ruled a suicide. Boston never came close to the heights of their debut, self titled album. It was the fastest selling debut album for any American group; and still has the most total sales for a debut album with over 17 million units sold to date.
Their second album, two years later called Don't Look Back just sounds like a collection of songs not good enough for their debut. Their third album Third Stage did not come out until 1986. It was a #1 album for four weeks but as a while it was pretty week in comparison to their debut. A fourth album called Walk On was released in 1994 and received little support from its record company and was done without Delp. According to wikipedia, there was a 5th album in 2002 called Corporate America but it went largely unnoticed. The last two albums did have one interesting feature, the booklet inside was dedicated to helping preserve the environment. It included links for website related to this topic.
Delp and Boston had been in the midst of recording a new album and a small summer tour had been planned at the time of his death.
Top 5 Boston songs off that amazing debut album
1. Rock And Roll Band
2. More Than A Feeling
3. Foreplay/Long Time
4. Hitch A Ride
5. Peace Of Mind

To make this blog entry a little cheerier, here is a link to the new video from Christina Aguilera. Why do I add it? Besides the obvious, it is one of the most bizarre songs I have ever heard on pop radio. It sounds like a remake of the 1941 Andrews Sisters' song Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

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