Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The once and future king of independant movies

I don't know what happened with director Edward Burns. He, along with Tarantino and others represented the new wave of independant film directors.

His 1995 debut film The Brothers McMullen won the grand jury prize at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival. It ended up being released by 20th Century Fox and grossed over $20 million at the box office making it one of the most profitable independant films of all time.

The film about three Irish American brothers struggling between adolescence and growing up. Sure, it is well worn territory, but the script was brilliant. When one of the brothers' girlfriend tells him that she wants them to break up so they can have some new experiences and new ideas...the brother's reply is "I don't need any new ideas, I am confused enough already".

Like John Cassavetes, Burns started getting work in larger films in order to finance the films he was directing. Some were good (Saving Private Ryan), some were bad (Life Or Something Like It) and some were ugly (A Sound Of Thunder).

Top 5 John Cassavetes Films that he did not direct
1. The Dirty Dozen
2. Rosemary's Baby
3. Whose Life Is It Anyways?
4. Two Minute Warning
5. Brass Target

The thing is, after the release of MacMullen and its bigger budget follow up She's The One, Burns really fell off the radar. The thing is, he has continued to direct but his films do not get the press. Some of them I have never heard of. I will spend the next couple of weeks catching up on these films.

The Brothers McMullen (1995)

She's The One (1996)

No Looking Back (1998)

Sidewalks Of New York (2001)

Ash Wednesday (2002)

Looking For Kitty (2004)

The Groomsmen (2006)

Purple Violets (2007)



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Yes, I know the Sidewalks of New York trailer isn't working. I will look for it and add it later.

Too bad, it is a really good film. The most Woody Allen-ish of Burns' films featuring a hysterical performance by Dennis Farina.

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