Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i like to look at you...

Okay, I am finally posting on my blog after more than a month. I had been meaning to post during that time, I had started things about the Die Hard movies, the Elvis Presley PR machine and something about the new show called Californication...but I just never finished them.

I can't really explain my absence other than blaming it on my new job, the hectic-ness of the baseball season or my renewed interest in the Three Stooges. Or maybe it is these new movie channels added to our cable package AMC and Turner Classic Movies that I can't stop watching which is making me avoid blogging.

I especially am loving AMC, not just because of their movie selection but because of a promo that they air once every half hour that promotes some of the films that they broadcast. The song used in that promo is called Natural One by a group called Folk Implosion. The song was a minor hit when it was featured in the 1995 film Kids.

Speaking of films, I am still a little shocked by the recent suicide attempt by Owen Wilson. There were experts on CNN talking about this last night describing that the attempt was probably due to his drug addiction. Cutting his wrist and taking pills is away to get away from the pain of addiction.

Of course these are just theories...maybe he is just one of those funnymen who has a dark side. Who knows. All of Hollywood seems to be behind him as he struggles to recover. Veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson was apparently among the well wishers to see Wilson in the hospital. As IMDB reported, Jackson was not happy to talk to the throngs of media who were hanging out at the hospital where Wilson is staying. Jackson yelled, "I came to visit Owen Wilson, get the fuck away from me. Why are you guys here?"

Top 5 Owen Wilson Films
1. The Royal Tenenbaums
2. The Wedding Crashers
3. Bottle Rocket
4. Anaconda
5. Meet The Parents (I hate the movie, but I really like him in it)


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