Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CNN smackdown...Michael Moore style

Not since Jon Stewart's appeared on Crossfire in 2004 and told the hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala that they were "hurting america", has someone lambasted CNN on their own channel like Michael Moore did earlier this week.

Moore was appearing on with Wolf Blitzer talking about his new documentary Sicko. Before Moore came on, they showed a segment by Sanjay Gupta who detailed all the inaccuracies in Sicko.

Blitzer than cut to Moore who had a look on his face that said plenty. Moore than went off on Blitzer, CNN and Gupta's report. Despite his heated emotions, he spoke coherently backing up the facts he presents in his movies and demanding Blitzer and CNN not only apologize to him but to the american people as well for their lack of honest coverage regarding both the war and the health care industry.

The entire segment is 15 minutes long but it is pretty entertaining.

Moore does promise during this interview to post on his website facts to back up all the claims that Gupta criticized. That information has now been posted so check it out on his website.

The Gupta-Moore show has continued throughout the week with them debating each other on Tuesday night's Larry King.

Between this and watching the Live Earth broadcast this past Saturday, I am feeling all left-wingish.

Top 5 Appearances at Live Earth
1. Madonna (yes, I can't believe I am saying it either)
2. Roger Waters
3. The Police
4. Lenny Kravitz
5. Paolo Nutini

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