Thursday, June 29, 2006

Previous posting deleted by accident (and that is probably a good thing)

I had written a posting that talked about public speaking, Sen. Lloyd Bentsen's retort during the 1988 VP debates to Dan Quayle where he said "you are no Jack Kennedy" and the tree dedication ceremony for my Dad last year. In other words, it was all over the place with no rhyme or reason. My computer issues at work ended up deleting that posting which is probably for the best.

The one part I will keep is the fact that Moose, the dog who played Eddie on the show Frasier recently passed away. He was 16. Very sad as his role on the show is the only time I have ever seen animals used as comic relief and it actually being funny.

If you ever want to be updated on celebrity deaths as soon as they happen. I recommend It is a service that automatically sends you an email when a celebrity dies. They currently have over 15, 000 subscribers. For those of you in a death pool, this is a valuable service.

As my original posting mentioned that scene in Great Balls of Fire where Jerry Lee Lewis (Dennis Quaid) is upset about having to open for ChuckBerry so he lights his piano on fire during the last song of his set and then walks off stage casually mentioning to Berry "Try and follow up THAT", my Top 5 list is as follows:

Top 5 Dennis Quaid Movies
1. The Big Easy
2. Any Given Sunday
3. Frequency
4. In Good Company
5. Far From Heaven

Wow, the bulk of that work is after 1999. Never really was a fan of early stuff he was in like Enemy Mine, DOA and Inner Space. Though I did like him as Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp. That may have been his best performance ever. But, gun to my head, I would rather watch those other five films on my list first.

Here is a funny World Cup story about certain "disabled" fans who were ejected for jumping. These three fans from Argentina, purchased wheelchairs and bought special cheap seats for disabled fans for a sold out World Cup match. However, they got a little too excited during the Argentina/Holland match, jumped up and down and their ruse was quickly found out.



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