Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ruebens and zombies

So we are getting to that time of year where the weather is so hot I can't even think straight during the day. Friday was one of those days so I took a long lunch from work and had lunch at an outdoor patio with Emo.

He had wings. The man eats more wings than any other human. I see him and I want to go yelling to all the chickens telling them HE IS THE ONE! HE IS THE ONE WHOSE MURDEROUS APPETITE FOR WINGS IS KILLING ALL YOUR BRETHEREN. But then I realize that considering every bar on the planet has chicken wings specials, obviously there are thousands and thousands of chickens being bred just to satisfy our insatiable need for chicken wings. Well, not mine personally. I really try to only eat wings if I am in Buffalo, NY and at the Anchor Bar. Seriously, the best wings I have ever had are served there.

But on this day, in Toronto, I had a reuben for lunch. This has taken over from the clubhouse as my favourite sandwich. Even when a reuben is bad, it is still pretty good. At it's best, it's corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, russian dressing served on pumpernickle bread. When it's bad, it's still beef and sauerkraut with mustard on bread. In the movie Quiz Show, a character talking about the reuben, says it is the only entirely man-made sandwich. I guess this is because all of it's ingredients do not appear in its natural state. Still, no matter where I am, if a reuben is on the menu, I am ordering it.

It's a Friday payweek so J-Mac and I were out for dinner. We are currently working on a three restaurant rotation and this time, it was our time to go for japanese at Nami on Adelaide. I got downtown early and went to HMV to see if there was anything interesting to buy. As part of their two for $30 DVD sale. I bought a special edition of The Towering Inferno and Shaun Of The Dead.

Top 5 Zombie Movies
1. Shaun Of The Dead
2. Night Of The Living Dead
3. Army Of Darkness
4. Dawn Of The Dead (1978 not 2004)
5. 28 Days Later

I realize Shaun Of The Dead is just a zombie movie but it was #2 on my list of top 5 movies of 2004 (Sideways the obvious #1) and it is absolutely hilarious with references to other zombie movies, Star Wars and a little wink for fans of the British version of The Office. If you haven't seen it (Emo, who was complaining that there aren't any great movies being made these days) you should give this a try.



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