Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Carolina on my mind (well, no not really)

So it was game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals last night. Carolina won 3-1. The winning goal was scored off an Oilers' defenceman's butt as he attempted to block a shot. This doesn't mean I was actually watching that much of the game, I just felt like I was supposed to watch it.

Top 5 reasons why I don't watch hockey (even with the new rules)
1. Well, my home town team is the Toronto Maple Leafs and they are a wreck of a franchise.
2. The insistence that fighting is still a viable part of the game. If it is, why is their no fighting in the playoffs. How is it other sports like football, basketball and baseball can get away with not having fighting as a regular on-field occurence.
3. The lack of multicultural-ness among the players. The league needs more Anson Carters's and less Darcy Tuckers.
4. Too many teams. I still am shocked that their are NHL franchises inCarolina, Columbus, Phoenix, Atlanta (again!) and the most mind-numbing Nashville.
5. The regular season means nothing. Too many teams still end up making the playoffs which forces the playoffs to go way too late in the year.

Wee scunner also wrote about the NHL in a blog entry last week. So it is pretty clear she wasn't watching that game. However, her sister probably did. The irony being that she currently lives in Japan and watching the game requires her to go to the Maple Leaf Sports Bar in Shibuya at 9 am local to see it.

I work in the sports media, the talk during the day of the game was about where you were going to watch the game. When my boss asked me, I told him that I had just bought Shaun Of The Dead on DVD and was planning to watch it that night. The look on his face was intended not only to question me as a Canadian but to also question me as a man as well. The fact is, I was looking forward to seeing that movie again. So, yes, I rewatched a British zombie movie as opposed to watching game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Though I did click over to see what ended up being the winning goal and to watch the last minute of the game. Though as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart started at 11 pm, I stopped watching the celebration in order to catch up on a fake US news program. If that means I need to revoke my Canadian citizenship, so be it.



Blogger Cogs said...

I enjoy hockey as much as the next Canadian, (and I do love the film Shaun of the dead), but after being in Europe where there was zero coverage of the NHL, there must be lots of people in the world who would agree with you. Trying to explain Canada = Hockey to a lot of Europeans is difficult unless they really understand the lack of identity that our nation has. The growth of the game in the United States almost seems contrary to it at times, especially when we are changing rules to the market that the league depends on. Besides some good recent Olympic accomplishments, Weir wearing the green jacket and Nash getting back to back MVP awards, hockey seems to be one of the few things that has brought our confused nation together and made it proud.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous 7 said...

you are dead to me

7:11 PM  

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