Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Batman AND Robin????

As much as I enjoyed the restarting of the Batman franchise with Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Methinks, I will be avoiding the upcoming sequel. Robin Williams is currently in talks to step in to the role of the Joker, made famous in the earlier franchise by Jack Nicholson and even earlier in the TV series by Cesar Romero.

I guess, for some, Robin Williams as the Joker is an obvious fit however...I hate Robin Williams. I wish Robin Williams would just shut up. His interviews are just grating to watch and listen to. He is just always "on". I am guessing he is a smart guy, his stream-of-consciousness musings clearly indicate that. But all I ask is that he just shut the hell up.

Other then Ed Begley Jr. I don't believe any actor has been in more bad movies than Robin Williams. If you looked at the percentage of good movies divided by the amount of movies an actor has actually been in, his "batting average" would be below the Mendoza Line. I know people are going to say, what about Awakenings, or Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society. I subscribe the following list to you:

Top 5 Robin Williams movies that prove my point about his ability to choose bad films.
1. Mrs. Doubtfire
2. Fathers Day
3. Patch Adams
4. Bicentennial Man
5. What Dreams May Come

Just bubbling under...RV, Death To Smoochy, Jakob The Liar, Flubber, Jack, The Bird Cage, Toys, Cadillac Man, Popeye. I could go on and on.

To make me feel better, I found info on the upcoming season of 24. News is that Wayne Palmer (played by DB Woodside), brother of assissinated ex-President David Palmer will become President in the upcoming season. Regina King (you know her from Jerry Maguire) will play his sister, a powerful advocacy lawyer. Also joining the cast will be Peter MacNicol (you know him from Ally McBeal and Numbers).



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