Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sports-less Night

A little known Trivia question relates to the day after the Major League Baseball All Star Game. Believe it or not, it is the only day of the calender year where there is absolutely no North American sports on TV. Every team in baseball has the day off. The NHL, NBA and NFL are all in the midst of their off seasons. The CFL usually does not play so, literally, there are no sports on TV.

Top 5 things I did to get through that sports-less night.
1. Read the Kathy Griffin. If you don't know who she is, she was an irritating character on an equally irritating show called My Life On The D-List. The show is actually relatively funny as it follows her around as she struggles to continue to be a name in Hollywood while, all the while, trashing celebrities. No one is safe, she has even taken shots at little Dakota Fanning. However, the reason she is in the news now is that she recently seperated from her husband after finding out he was STEALING from her. Apparently over $70 000. Allegedly, he would simply take out her ATM card when she was sleeping and help himself to money out of her bank account.

2. Checked out Catwoman's podcast called Black Cat Baby Presents. Her show has all the newest hip hop tracks plus she has a really cool voice. Click this link to get an MP3 of her latest show. It is the second link on the banner at the top.

3. Got plans rolling for the Beer Fest this summer. For those uninitiated, Fort York is closed for one weekend each summer. And all the different breweries set up there and you can buy little glasses of all these different kinds of beers. Ricky B and I have been going for almost 10 years. Joining us this year is Jayman, Coglero and Seven as well as, possibly, some of the guys from by baseball team. The game plan, as always, is to get there as soon as it opens. Before the huge crowds and, in turn, huge bathroom lineups.

4. Now that I have finished the first season of Big Love, my television interests have moved to the Canadian series available on TMN on Demand called ReGenesis. Imagine the movie Outbreak but as a television series. It stars Peter Outerbridge as the director of NORBAC (North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission). This lab deals with ethical issues regarding bacteria, disease etc etc. Despite Ourerbridge's decent movie career (roles in Mission To Mars, Land Of The Dead and Men With Brooms) the real star is the lab's chief administrator Caroline Morrison (played by Maxim Roy). She always has the tough dramatic scenes while Outerbridge just gets to be the head of the lab and get to have sex with a lot of different women. Seriously, he is a virtual Captain Kirk from Star Trek in terms of the amount of action he gets. I am guessing real Molecular Biologists who watch the show must be laughing their asses off when they see that. One of the things this show is reknowned for is their outstanding use of the internet to help promote the show. Here is a link to their official website.

5. Revisited the most underrated band of the 80s, the Psychadelic Furs. They are like a mix of Roxy Music and Berlin-era David Bowie. Lots of good stuff not just the hits that everyone knows like Pretty In Pink and Heartbreak Beat. You can find out more about their lead singer Richard Butler who has one of the coolest voices in music on his official website.



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