Monday, July 10, 2006

Thoughts on 9/11 on 7/10

During that half hour prior to watching the Da Vinci Code last week, one of the trailers was the new film World Trade Centre by Director Oliver Stone. It stars Nicolas Cage and is about two police officers who end up being trapped in the rubble below the destroyed towers of the World Trade Centre.

Despite the fact that there have been a number of movies about 9/11 released such as 11'09"01-September 11, The Guys, United 93 and Flight 93 as well as dozens of documentaries, World Trade Centre is the first one I am looking forward to seeing. And the reason is, I really like Nicolas Cage.

Well, maybe that's too strong. What kills me about him as an actor is that when he is in movies I am really looking forward to, I'm disappointed (Face/Off, Windtalkers, American Treasure). If I have no expectations, it ends up being something I really like.

Top 5 Nicolas Cage films
1. The Family Man
2. Guarding Tess
3. Leaving Las Vegas
4. The Weather Man
5. Red Rock West

I know a lot of people are concerned that Oliver Stone will do to 9/11 what he did with JFK assassination in the film JFK. His film JFK is one of my favourite films, but my concern is that Stone really changed as a director after that. He played his role as a conspiracy nut for comedic effect in the film Dave and that just made him look silly. Apparently, World Trade Centre is not about the supposed conspiracies behind the tragic events of that day but more about the officers involved and their families.

If you want a conspiracy film about 9/11, may I suggest Loose Change. It is available for free on Google Video. It is an hour and 20 mins long so it is a time investment but trust me when I tell you, it is fascinating.


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