Sunday, July 02, 2006

I demand big love

So now that J-Mac and I have added Rogers Digital cable to our package, we have the option for TMN on Demand. What this means is that there are certain movies and shows that normally air on one of the TMN channels that we can watch whenever we want.

I have always found this useful as, with the exception of 24 and Prison Break, I can never remember when anything is on.

Big Love is the newest HBO produced series that is available on TMN. It stars Bill Paxton as the husband of a polygamist family that includes his wives Jeanne Tripplehorn (you know her from The Firm and Basic Instinct), Chloe Sevigny (you know her from Boys Don't Cry) and Gennifer Goodwin (you know her from Walk The Line).

J-Mac says I seem to like Bill Paxton as an actor a lot. I am not sure that is necessarily why I am now hooked on this show.

Top 5 Bill Paxton Movies

1. One False Move

2. Indian Summer

3. A Simple Plan

4. Tombstone

5. Aliens (Game over, man!)

Big Love is fascinating because, come on, don't we all wonder about polygamy? One man, a bunch of wives. What happens with sex, jealousy, competition, money...the list is endless. This show takes all these question and puts them into a modern day context. It is obviously a lot like The Sopranos. In that show, they try to humanize gangsters. In Big Love, they humanize polygamists.

There are the day-to-day events were he has to balance his three wives, Tripplehorn (the first wife-is the origanizer for the other two), Sevigny (a shopaholic) and Goodwin (the younger, least bright of the three wives). As well, he has to work on keeping his lifestyle secret amongst the real world all the while being shaked down by the head of the cult who is also the father of his second wife (brilliantly played by Harry Dean Stanton).

According to HBO, the show has been picked up for a second season. I can certainly see it running out of steam. But while it is still interesting, I highly recommend it.



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you missed Number 1 my friend, a little cyborg flick starring future president Arnold

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