Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yes, but were Mick and Mimi on the grassy knoll?

I have to admit to having an ongoing fascination with magic bullets. It started with the Magic Bullet theory regarding the John F. Kennedy assassination. You know, the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald's second of three shots that hit Kennedy in the back, then throat then hit Texas Governer John Connally below the right armpit, than his wrist and then landed in pristine condition in Connally's thigh. This is material for a future blog entry as my current magic bullet obsession is the infomercial for the Magic Bullet blender seen all across the cable dial.

As an aside, there is something comforting about informercials involving things that chop. It just lets you know, whether you need to cut the sole of an old boot, a tomato can or angel food cake, you can buy the product that will help you do it. Since J-Mac is a trained chef, I have found out that it has nothing to do with those knives that you can buy for $29.99, it has to do with the fact that trained chefs know how to cut correctly.

Anyway, the Magic Bullet informercial is absolutely incredible. There are more storylines going on than the average episode of Friends.

To start, Mick Hastie and Mimi Umidon are pretending to be this married couple showing off this Magic Bullet appliance that can help them make breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and drinks. And, as is the rule with most informercials, the man is really the expert on the product while the woman pretends to be dumb and for some reason, the man always has a British or Australian accent.

As they run through all the things this product can do, all their "friends" have their own storylines. There is Berman, who is clearly hungover. Hazel, wearing an ugly housecoat and always has a have smoked cigarette just hanging on the edge of her bottom lip. She never actually smokes it and there is no smoke in the air, it is just a prop. There are also two other couples where the men don't seem to care one way or another about the product, they just want food while the woman keeps trying to convince them.

So as this clearly fake married couple runs through all the things they can make with the Magic Bullet, you begin to realize, the stuff isn't that great. The omelettes are overcooked, a huge no-no for me. The pasta sauces look unimpressive. The coffee grinder option is good, but since anyone who cares ALREADY HAS A COFFEE GRINDER, this doesn't mean too much. The "sorbet" they make with it looks blah. Really, I don't watch it to see the quality of the food, I just find all the story lines fascinating.

I spoke to someone who already has one. He says there is one big problem with it that you do not see on the informercial. The stuff that you put in it becomes to wet. The magic bullet just sucks the water out of things like tomatoes or what have you so whatever mix you have in there, it will be too watery.

Having said that, I've been told the cheapest place to get the Magic Bullet is on E-bay. I may be heading there later today to see how much it costs. I will let you know how it goes.

The new season of Prison Break is already two episodes in and I am completely hooked. As discussed in previous blog entries, William Fichtner has been amazing as the FBI agent tracking our heroes. If you found the first season kind of boring, trust me, this second season is much much better.
Jayman and I have been discussing this new TV season and we both agreed there are a lot of new shows that look like they may be pretty good this season.
Top 5 New Shows I am looking forward to seeing
1. Shark (with James Woods)
2. Smith (with Ray Liotta)
3. Kidnapped (with Delroy Lindo, Timothy Hutton and "gasp" Dana Delaney)
4. Studio 60 at the Sunset Strip (produced Aaron Sorkin who did Sports Night)
5. 30 Rock (with Alec Baldwin)



Anonymous Wheezer said...

Scarborough Town Centre just had a store open up called "Showcase". I think it's one of those stores that carry all the things you see on those infomercials. So you might want to stop in there (Seeing you work close by), and look for your Magic Bullet.

3:47 AM  

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