Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Age: It`s strong and it`s sudden and it`s cruel sometimes, Vol. 2

So I spent my Friday night having drinks with some friend at Shoeless Joes. They have great wings, nothing more than that. One of these friends had recently celebrated his 40th birthday. I found this rather depressing as I remember this friend when he turned 21. We worked at a camp together and someone put up a sign in his cabin that had the words "Legal all over". This obviously referred to the fact that he was now of the age that he could legally drink in both Canada and the United States. I was 18 at the time, just on the cusp of the drinking age in Ontario and I thought this was both brilliant and awe inspiring. To be the age of 21, no longer a teenager, all that wisdom. Now that I am in my late 30s, I am still waiting for that wisdom.

Speaking of birthdays, Coglero is heading to Toronto next month. I invited him down as he is about to turn 30 years old. J-Mac has plans to take us all golfing at the 4 Seasons Golf Club in Pickering. Methinks the weekend will just be an excuse for some good food, good drinks and a Saturday night at The Rex on Queen Street to see some jazz. Rickie B and his wife are set to join us among others.


I had my first celebrity sighting on this blog. The author Chris Epting, who I wrote about earlier read my blog and sent the following link from youtube which promotes his upcoming road trip/album cover book.

Since Epting has also communicated with Jeopardy's Ken Jennings when Jennings wrote about his book on his blog, using the Kevin Bacon rule, I am two degrees away from the greatest champion on the greatest game show in television history. No worries, I will still remember all the little people as I make my way up the pop culture charts.

Top 5 Kevin Bacon Movies
1. Diner
2. JFK
3. A Few Good Men
4. The Big Picture
5. Mystic River
(apologies to Tremors, She's Having A Baby, The River Wild and Sleepers. No apologies for Hollow Man-he is the one who should apologize for that)

Epting's website is also pretty interesting with details of other books he has written. I will be heading to a book store this weekend as I need reading material for my own road trip on Saturday. As discussed earlier, me and the boys are heading down to Buffalo to see the Bills play the Patriots. We are arriving the night before and staying in Niagara Falls for some dinner at the Copacabana Steak House and some gambling at the casino.
Game day itself is Sunday and is always interesting. The Bills play in Orchard Park. Currently devestated by last week's snowstorm, we hope it is cleared up and snow free by Sunday. Meanwhile, I will be wearing long johns and polar teks to ensure warmth. You see, we just don't go to the game. We show up hours earlier to "tailgate". Elvis takes care of the food and we just drink in amongst thousands of the other Buffalo faithfull. My only concern is trying to go to the bathroom as little as possible (the facilities are awful) and to avoid getting in any altercations with anyone. With the exception of the one St. Patrick's Day I spent in an irish pub, I have never been in an environment so rife with people looking to get into a fight. And since my last fight was in grade 8, this would be a pretty silly endeavour. Luckily, the plucky SW (better known as the guy who calls people "Bitch") will be there and he will have all our backs. Pictures to be posted next week.



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