Thursday, September 28, 2006


Okay, so there goes the rest of my day. I found a website that has every single Simpsons episode on line. I am sure this is not legal and will be pulled once the production company finds out. So if you are interested, I suggest you check it out soon.

I just watched my favourite episode, the one where Sideshow Bob marries Aunt Selma and Bart is able to figure it out because of Selma's love for the show McGuyver. You can also find episodes of Futurama, South Park, Family Guy and American Dad on the same website

Top 5 Simpsons Episodes
1. Season 3, Episode 21: Black Widower 9 April 1992 Sideshow Bob gets out of jail and plots to take his revenge on Bart by marrying his Aunt Selma and killing her.

2. Season 5, Episode 2: Cape Feare 7 October 1993 An anonymous letter writer makes ominous threats to Bart. The Simpsons discover they were sent by Sideshow Bob who, when released from prison, harasses the Simpsons and then attempts to kill Bart with a machete. But Bob's vanity foils him yet again.

3. Season 4, Episode 12: Marge vs. the Monorail 14 January 1993 After receiving a considerable donation of money, the people of Springfield decide what to spend it on. Enter Lyle Langley, a jocular salesman who gets Springfield hooked on a monorail system. After the monorail is up and running, and with Homer as the conductor, it's time for the maiden voyage. Little do the people know they have just boarded a one-way train to Hell.

4. Season 5, Episode 1: Homer's Barbershop Quartet 30 September 1993 After the kids find a record with Homer's picture on it, he recalls the story of how he achieved fame in the 1980s with his barbershop quartet The Be Sharps.

5. Season 1, Episode 9: Life on the Fast Lane 18 March 1990 Marge contemplates an affair with a handsome bowling instructor.

Here is a real life version of The Simpsons opening credits that I found on the internet.


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