Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Not that it matters BUT...

Can people please start watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip???? Why this show is not getting any ratings is beyond me. For me, even after only three shows, is must-see viewing on the level of shows like 24 and Prison Break.

However, it's ratings are on a downward spiral. Critics are lambasting it for being a virtual remake of Aaron Sorkin's own Sports Night (not sure how that is a bad thing) and for the actual show within the show not being very good. Like somehow shows like Full House and Who's The Boss which ran forever were somehow better. Or the fact that people continue to watch the show Lost even though the show's producers are clearly just messing with you.

Look, I am just bitter about this. I apologize...but I am telling you. This show is fabulous, with an amazing cast. But now that the ratings are dropping, they are going to start messing with the formula, adding a laugh track, wacky characters, make Matthew Perry's character more like his character from Friends...whatever happens, I blame this on YOU. You the person who doesn't believe me that this is a quality show.

Of course, this diatribe means nothing as US networks do not care what ratings their shows get here in Canada. Damn, now I am depressed.

Top 5 movies featuring actors from the TV show Friends.
1. Office Space (with Jennifer Aniston)
2. The Good Girl (with Jennifer Aniston)
3. Scream (with Courtney Cox)
4. The Opposite Of Sex (with Lisa Kudrow)
5. Lost In Space (with Matt LeBlanc)


Anonymous 7 said...

News flash.

Studio 55 on sesame street, PO box 56, Postal Code 89732 is BORING.

I'm trying to move away from Lost -- but as the article you linked mentioned - it's difficult.

But I am much more inclined to watch Smith or The Nine out of the new shows for general entertainment value.

Studio is done...move on.

10:40 PM  

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