Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Love Lists...Vol. 3

The movie magazine Premiere has released a long awaited list. The Top 20 Most overrated films of all time. And this list pulls no punches as it includes Field Of Dreams, Nashville and 'gulp' The Wizard Of Oz. Each page lists one movie, the reason why one of the writers picked it and a rebuttle written by another Premier writer explaining why the person was wrong.

My own top 5 Most Overrated comedies (I am specifying comedies because if I include dramas, that will mean listing The English Patient which will just get me in trouble at home.

1. Ace Ventura (either of them...I am just shocked that they were even produced)
2. Mrs. Doubtfire (ridiculous lack of chemistry between Sally Field and Robin Williams, characters are unbelievably stupid and the leaps of logic are awe-inspiring)
3. There's Something About Mary (funny concept but this extremely slow paced movie drags 20 mins of comedy over a 90 minute film)
4. Austin Powers (any of them-the first one is a little funny, the second and third ones are just retreads of the original)
5. In And Out (there are so many things wrong with this film it is the Independance Day of comedies)

Not much else to write about today. If you are fan of the show How I Met Your Mother, you already have Robin Sparkles' song Let's Go To The Mall stuck in your head for about a week. For those of you who aren't, this video is all over the internet. On the show, one of the characters had a minor hit song in Canada back in 1993. This is the video for that song and it is Tiffany-circa-1986-goodness at its best. It is about the best spoof of an 80s song and video I have ever seen. You should be watching this show if you are not already, it may be the best sitcom on the air since the first season of Friends.

In other TV news, Canada's CTV network has finally started airing some of their shows on-line. Mostly it is the Canadian stuff so you can watch all the episodes of Corner Gas (very funny), Degrassi (haven't watched it since the 80s) or Whistler (never have seen a second of it). The US produced shows that they air should start slipping on their soon. As of right now, the only one is that show I said I will only talk about one more time. If you are interested, this week's episode was the best one since the pilot. It was finally about the making of a show as opposed to the personalities behind the scenes. You can see them all if you go to the broadband section of their website. You can do so easily from their homepage.

And getting back to the 80's for a second, icon Billy Idol has released a CHRISTMAS ALBUM!!!! Here is the video for his version of White Christmas. It has left me mystified.

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