Monday, November 20, 2006

Victory is mine! (and other unrelated topics)

No, this isn't a blog entry about Stewie and the show Family Guy. Though, my GOD has that show gone downhill. I haven't seen a show go downhill this fast since that time I appeared as an extra on an episode of Happy Days when Fonzie had to jump over a shark.

Anyway, I just wanted to use the word victory in the title because J-Mac and I went to The Victory Cafe on Markham Street (near Honest Eds) for dinner on Friday. It was one of the most surprising dinners we have ever had. They had this great selection of micro-brews on tap. I had an excellant macaroni and cheese for dinner. The funny thing is that we were there fairly early for a Friday night. But the place was absolutely packed!!! When we were leaving, we figured out why. The bill was ridiculously cheap. J-Mac and I have found a new place to eat and drink.

Interestingly, J-Mac and I spent the whole evening debating whether the bartender looks like the lead singer from Toronto 80s band, Blue Peter. Looking at Blue Peter's official website, I think he actually was. Plus, I went to youtube to find the video for Blue Peter's big hit Don't Walk Past. I found it and among the comments, someone said the lead singer of the band was working as a waiter in Toronto.

Other news from the weekend included the fact that Jayman and his wife M are pregnant and due in May. I always love hearing these kinds of news. Just helps me realize that I do NOT need to help re-populate the planet. Anyway, they had a group of us over on Sunday to surprise us with the news. However, since there was a card on their mantle about the impending news, a lot of us had already figured it out. It was actually pretty amusing.


For weeks, I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog entry on why CSI: Miami is so much better than the other CSIs. Sadly, I don't really like CSI: Miami all that much either and there isn't really much I can say about it. Let me just say this, lead actor David Caruso just makes me laugh. Youtube has a collection of his greatest hits. The "Sunglasses of justice" line that he delivers just before the opening credits every week. Enjoy!

Top 5 favourite Cop shows
1. Homicide: Life On The Street
2. Law & Order
3. Barney Miller
4. Miami Vice
5. Criminal Minds

This list sucks...sorry. I am all over the place with my thoughts today. I will do better later in the week.



Blogger JMacK said...

I told you he looked like the singer from Blue Peter. I don't recall "debating". You said "wow, good call, where did you pull that from" If he is one of the owners of the place. If I made $$$$ from a hit 80's song I would probably invest it in a bar.

12:07 AM  

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