Thursday, November 30, 2006

The land of Benny Hill and Coronation Street

So as J-Mac mentioned in a recent posting on her blog, she & I are off to the United Kingdom on December 1st. It will be a jam packed 10 days as we begin by landing in London and staying there for a couple of days. We will then drive to Cardiff, Wales (first stopping off in Bath, England) for a couple more days. We will then be flying from Cardiff to Glasgow, Scotland. We will then fly from Glasgow back to London for a night before flying home.

This will be my first flight to Europe since my journey when I was 16 years old. Not looking forward to all the flying but certainly can't wait to get there.

Top 5 things I want to do in the UK.
1. Go to really old pubs. I mean ones that are hundred of years old. When we are in Glasgow, I want to go to a pub that J-Mac's father, grandfather and great grandfather used to go to.

2. Drive. Not that I like driving that much at all, I want to check out what it is like to drive on the other side of the street with the driver's seat on the other side of the car.

3. Eat meat pies. You know, steak and kidney pies, steak and mushroom pies. I am not a fan of them in general but I would like to try them out there. You know...when in Rome and all those kinds of cliches.

4. Go to the Tower of London. This London landmark, reknown to have been a prison for kings such as John Baliol of Scotland, Henry VI of England as well as conspirator of the Gunpowder Plot Guy Fawkes. It is also known to have been the site of many tortures and executions. I am just fascinated by the history.

5. Play golf while in Scotland. This is the birthplace of the sport and I would love to play it there, though I am sure any course there would absolutely kick my ass. Nevertheless, time and weather will probably be against us and we won't be able to play a round.

To get me in the mood for the trip, I found a classic clip of famed British comedian Benny Hill.

Not that I want to think about plane crashes in movies or TV prior to the trip, however, the website IGN has listed the top 50 current loose ends on the show Lost. Or, as I like to call it, the top 50 reasons why I no longer watch Lost.

Probably won't have time to post during the trip so I will post something when I am back on Dec. 11.



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