Friday, November 10, 2006

My spidey sense is tingling

I love how movie trailers are getting release dates just like actual movies. Yesterday was the release of the new trailer for Spider-Man 3 and it looks amazing.

The trailer hints at a lot including the ongoing battle between Peter Parker/Spider Man against Harry Osborn who blames Parker for killing his father, the original Green Goblin. Spider director Sam Raimi has already stated that Osborn will not become the new Green Goblin or Hobglobin as in the comic books, but instead "somewhere between the two".

New bad guys are also hinted at including Sandman/Flint Marko (played by Thomas Haden Church) and Venom/Eddie Brock Jr. (played by Topher Grace). Sandman's storyline in this upcoming film appears to be a bit of a departure from the comics as he had a hand in the killing of Parker's Uncle Ben in the first Spider-Man film.

It is hard to tell what is going on with Venom/Brock in this new movie. His storyline from the comics is rather complex. He is a fellow reporter at the Daily Bugle along with Parker. He blames Spider-Man for debunking his prized story on the Sin-Eater Case. Brock becomes Venom as a result of a symbiosis with an extraterrestrial symbiote. Brock and the symbiote rename themselves Venom and become one of Spidey's arch enemies.

The storyline from the upcoming movie seems to feature the storyline that often occurs when Spidey and venom hook up. In the comics, Spiderman's original suit gets destroyed during a battle on an alien planet. He sets out to make a new one which ends up being a black suit (as opposed to the red and blue one he normally has). The new suit responds to his thoughts and gives him an unlimited supply of web fluid. When he returns to earth with it, he finds the suit is that extraterrestrial symbiote, which he destroys. That same symbiote then joins up with Brock.

I doubt the movie is going to have that inter-planetary bent. From the trailer, it seems Parker develops that black suit on his own based on his rage for finding the man (Sandman/Marko) who may have killed his uncle. Either way, considering how great the original Spiderman movie was and how the second one was even better...this third one should be a masterpiece.

For Spiderman comic fans, there is also the addition of the character Gwen Stacy who will be a rival with Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) for Parker's effections. The only problem is Stacy is being played by Bryce Dallas Howard who is currently killing director M. Night Shyamalan's career by starring in his back-to-back bombs The Village and The Lady In The Water. Hopefully she won't be the same poison to Spiderman director Sam Raimi.

Top 5 Sam Raimi Films
1. Spider-Man 2
2. Darkman
3. Army Of Darkness
4. Spider-Man
5. A Simple Plan

Still missing in action but hinted at in previous films are John Jameson, the son of Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson. In the comics, he becomes Man-Wolf. Dr. Curt Conners also appeared in the Spider-Man sequel and was played by Dylan Baker. In the comics, he becomes the Lizard.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for even more Spider-Man sequels. As it stands, Spider-Man 3 could become the best trilogy in film history since Star Wars (and don't tell me about Lord Of The Rings-I still stand by this statement).



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I can't imagine this will be here for very long. It looks like a pre-release of a comercial...or it's clever marketing for more Spiderman hype.

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