Wednesday, January 16, 2008

La Dee Da, indeed

So as many of you are probably not aware, there is a movie that is about to be released called Mad Money. It is a film about three women who work at the Kansas City Federal Reserve who decide to steal money that is set to be destroyed.

As with most films released in January and February, it is probably not all that well crafted and is designed to make a quick buck in one weekend than be relegated to video. The biggest story regarding the film is it is the first film starring Mrs. Tom Cruise (otherwise known as Katie Holmes) since her marriage to Cruise.

You would think that her bizarre appearance on Letterman would be the biggest piece of news regarding the promotion of this film but the veteran Diane Keaton stole her thunder by swearing during her interview by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America.
I've always thought Keaton was kind of cool. She'd been in tons of good movies. But this appearance is strange because it is hard to tell if she is attempting to be funny, is on some sort of medication or (hopefully) just doesn't care anymore. Anyway, apparently the FCC is involved and Good Morning America may be facing some fines.

Top 5 Diane Keaton films
1. The Godfather
2. Annie Hall
3. The Godfather Pt. 2
4. Manhattan Murder Mystery
5. Father Of The Bride II

Back to Katie Holmes, as I said, her appearance on Letterman was bizarre. She was wearing more makeup on her face than any person I have ever seen on TV. Letterman only gave her softball questions talking about the new film and her work on Dawson's Creek (something he brings up everytime he interviews her).

Aside from all the Tom Cruise/Scientology stuff, there is an even bigger conspiracy going on with Katie. There are questions regarding whether she actually did run in last fall's NYC Marathon. Of all the questions I would have for Katie, this one would not be high on my priority list.

I am guessing throughout all of this, Queen Latifah would be best to keep her mouth shut. She is actually looking like the only normal one of this cast.


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