Sunday, May 14, 2006

As per Christopher Walken's request

The-not-so-obvious Top 5 Cowbell songs.
1. Dance The Night Away-Van Halen
2. Darlington County-Bruce Springsteen
3.Diamond Dogs-David Bowie
4. Calling Dr. Love-KISS
5. Some Like It Hot-The Power Station

For everything else cowbell related, here is a link with more information than you could ever use.

Weekend has been uneventful. I am golfing in a couple of hours. Went to the Danforth for Greek food on Friday. Went to Mr. Greek's. Any time I go to either Mr. Greek's or The Friendly Greek's, I always feel like I am taking sides in their divorce. Needless to say, after that meal, I will never go to Mr. Greeks again. Worst calamari I have ever had (too rubbery), worst pork souvlaki I have ever had (too burnt), worst martini I have ever had (asked for with a twist, got a wedge instead).

I know what you are thinking. And you are right. Who orders martini at a greek restaurant? It was at the top of their drink menu. It was with bombay sapphire gin.

The pinnacle of why I never want to go back occured at a nearby table. These "trailer trash" looking women are leaving and the one tries to pour the liquid from her remaining glass of water into her water bottle. This just looked so cheap. I am not blaming the restaurant for her, all I am saying is that I do not want to be at a restaurant that has clientel like that.

Watched King Kong last night. Can Peter Jackson make a short movie? My god this could not be any longer. I still resent Peter Jackson for directing those Lord Of The Rings movies. I am not a fan and I have never read the books. The first movie was long but I was able to keep myself awake by looking for editing mistakes between all the elfs, dwarfs, humans etc etc. (there were none). I was told the second would be better. Saw an afternoon showing of it. I was sitting directly in the middle of the audience, it was on a huge screen, I still fell asleep. I have yet to see the third one. Which I am actually fine with.

Anyway, this King Kong felt even more bloated than those Rings movies. Too many characters and just too much "stuff". It is like they crammed the movie with as much as they could, whether it made sense or not. They simply added it BECAUSE they could. Though watching Naomi Watts as the lead female, I am beginning to think she is a better actress than her friend Nicole Kidman. She certainly can do a better american accent. Anytime I watch Nicole Kidman do an american accent, I just become too aware of her "acting" and it takes me out of the movie. Bewitched, The Stepford Wives etc etc.



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