Sunday, June 04, 2006

Does Phil Mickelson have these problems?

I, your faithful narrator, would just like to advise you of my experience at a big box golf store called Golf Town this past weekend. I am just starting to learn golf and I need some clubs. I only want to spend around $300, nothing to crazy.

Apparently, because I golf lefthanded, this process is not as easy as I thought. I found numerous sets I liked in their store in Scarborough on Friday. However, the procedure to try and purchase them was lengthy. The salesperson would have to go in the back and see if they had any for lefties. They would then come back 5 minutes later and explain they only have righthanded versions. I would then find another set and the process would begin again. After 6 seperate tries, I finally gave up and walked out.

The next day, I went to the Golf Town in downtown Toronto on King Street. I found a set that I liked. Again, the process began. The salesperson gives me a smirk, goes to the back, saw they didn't have lefties, and came back to give me the bad news. Rest assured, having spent an hour doing the same thing the previous day, I didn't even bother looking for any other sets.

I understand lefties are rare in golf, however, salespersons should be able to recommend certain clubs, in all price ranges, that they know they have lefthanded versions readily available. I don't know if the issue is the store itself or customer service in general in Canada. Having spent some time in the US over the past year, I realize they take customer service more seriously there. Stores in Canada are filled with 20-somethings who are just filling out their shift and cashing their paycheque. Stores in the US are filled with professionals who are there to ensure you spend money in their stores.

All this hassle has given me two choices. Either drive down to Buffalo to try Dick's 's Sporting Goods or simply buy clubs on ebay. The latter option is probably the way I am going to go.

To make me feel better from all that shopping stress. Top 5 David Bowie albums.
1. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars
2. Hunky Dorey
3. Young Americans
4. Aladdin Sane
5. Station To Station



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