Friday, May 26, 2006

Okay, seriously Van Halen...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Absolute has-been David Lee Roth has indicated that a reunion of him and his ex-Van Halen bandmates is an "inevitability".

Roth's post Van Halen career has been sad at best. His first solo release, a mini-LP called Crazy From The Heat was just cover songs from that ranged from the solid "California Girls" to the bizarre "Just A Gigolo/Ain't Got Nobody".

His second album, Eat 'em And Smile was pretty forgettable and 1988's Skyscraper benefited from the quality lead single "Just Like Paradise" and that was about it. Lately, Roth is best known for taking over Howard Stern's radio show when the King of All Media moved to satellite radio and was then soon fired due to lack of ratings. Musically, he handles lead vocals on "Jump" and "Jamie's Crying" on a bluegrass tribute album to Van Halen called Strummin' With The Devil: The Southern Side of Van Halen.

Van Halen's own post Roth career is only slightly better. Sammy Hagar (ex of the band Montrose) took over and Van Halen's sound moved more toward pop as opposed to rock. I was a huge fan of their first release 5150, but the follow ups OU812, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and Balance were just pale copies that got worse and worse. F.U.C.K. featured the single "Right Now" which was a true "jump the shark" moment for the band as it was overplayed and just sad considering the sound from their earlier albums.

More drama for Van Halen as they hired Roth back in 1996 to record new singles on their greatest hits collection, hopefully entitled The Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1. Those new singles were stylistically a mess and not worth more than a casual listen. At the same time, Van Halen is rumoured to have hired little known singer Mitch Malloy but that never materialized. The band with Roth appeared at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards and old wounds resurfaced and Roth was out of the band again.

They tried hiring Little Angels' singer Toby Jepson who declined. So the next choice was the lead singer of Extreme Gary Cherone. Together, they recorded the immediately ignored Van Halen III in 1998.

Van Halen has done nothing since other than release a 2 disc GH called Best Of Both Worlds. SO I suppose, going back to Roth is the next logical step. Though, I for one will not be lined up for that new release. As i said, enough is enough.

Top 5 Van Halen Albums

1. 1984

2. Van Halen

3. 5150

4. Van Halen II

5. Diver Down



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This is a great article buddy. I am with you all the way on this. Enough is enough.

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