Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On The Dusty Trail

So, I am thinking my debut as an autograph hound on Saturday will be shortlived. As you know, I will be at the premiere of the new Will Farrell/Dustin Hoffman film on Saturday. There is a chance Dustin Hoffman will be there and my thoughts are possibly trying to get an autograph from him.

I had this whole plan where I was going to bring my copy of Straw Dogs and get him to sign it. If he reacts to the fact that I am getting him to sign a DVD copy of a fairly obscure British movie he did, I was going to tell him that I figured that was a better choice then Straight Time. You see, that is pretty funny because, Straight Time was his pet project for years. He hired his friend Uli Grosbard to direct it. Once the film was released, Dustin Hoffman was so unhappy he sued the director because of the quality of the product.

But, after seeing these pictures from the website X17 online of Hoffman avoiding cameras by putting a bag over his head. Clearly, he is not a fan of the public. I don't want to be THAT guy.

Then I found this video of Kiefer Sutherland and his father Donald outside a restaurant signing autographs. I mean there are like 20 people outside waiting for them. Where did these losers come from? How did they know they were there? The Sutherland's are very nice but one guy had Kiefer sign either his back or the bottom of his shirt! Another guy shoved either a laserdisc copy of A Few Good Men or an album version of the soundtrack of A Few Good Men. Who even carries these things around? And Kiefer is in that movie for a total of 10 minutes? And Kiefer signs this stuff without even looking. He knows it is part of his job and that's it. Deep down, he probably thinks it is a nuisance. Again...I can't be that guy.

Top 5 Dustin Hoffman films
1. All The President's Men
2. Tootsie
3. The Graduate
4. Straw Dogs
5. Marathon Man

By the way, dealing with issue #3 from yesterday, we did win our semi final game 13-10. For the first time since I was in my 20s, I actually helped our team with my baserunning. Four at bats, nothing hit out of the infield but scored from first base on a double and went first to third on a single that kicked up a cloud of dust due to my slide and afforded me the opportunity to once again, scrape up my leg. Sorry mom.



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