Sunday, September 10, 2006

On The Dusty Trail...the finale

So we went to see Stranger Than Fiction last night. Overall, it was a good movie, very funny with a sparkling comedic performance by Emma Thompson (uglying herself as she did in Peter's Friends and numerous other films), Dustin Hoffman was terrific and Will Farrell was surprisingly good. Amadeus' Tom Hulce was also in the film as a touchy-feely HR rep. It was good to see him, not sure why his career never went anywhere after the double triumphs of Amadeus and Dominick and Eugene. He is quite a talented actor.

The audience was star packed as film stars Hoffman, Thompson (who looks quite beautiful in person) and Farrell were all there along with director Marc Foster. They were all introduced in front of the screen before the movie. Farrell did one of those "fake" self deprecating things that all actors do. He was announced last, walked out, stood directly in front of the more famous Thompson and Hoffman and took a lingeringly long bow blocking anyone from seeing the others. He then explained to us in the audience that the movie was not actually going to be shown there in the theatre, that it would actully be showing at the CN Tower. Farrell seemed to be as far from Frank The Tank from Old School as I could possibly imagine.

Top 5 great scenes in the movie Old School.
1. Beanie (Vince Vaughn) getting all cynical at the church during Frank Ricard's (Will Farrell) wedding. "Well let me be the first to say congratulations to you man; you have one vagina for the rest of your life. Real smart man." And then he turns to Frank's future father-in-law and says, "It takes a man to give away an angel." And then gives him that patended Vince Vaughn wink.

2. Beanie constantly telling his kid "earmuffs" any time someone around is about to swear.

3. Any scene involving Mitch (Luke Wilson) and his boss Goldberg (Terry O'Quinn). First when Mitch's reaction when he finds out that he had sex with Golderg's 17 year old daughter the night before or when Mitch yells at his boss to leave him alone when he is getting two co-workers to help him out with his fraternity. These are the scenes that actually prove that the film Old School is just a comedic version of Fight Club.

4. The Dan Band at Frank's wedding singing that swear-word infested version of Total Eclipse of The Heart. "Every fucking time I see that look in your eyes..."

5. Beanie's wife Lara. Sorry J-Mac, she is played by Leah Remini and I have been harbouring something for her since her appearance as Carla's daughter Sarafina on Cheers in the early 90s.

Also in the audience was Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Moore chewed bubble gum like a horse throughout the movie which seemed to offend J-Mac and Jayman's wife to no end.

As discussed in previous blogs, my dilemma was that Dustin Hoffman is my favourite actor on the planet and that I should bring something to possibly get his autograph. In the end, I didn't which was the right decision as there was no real opportunity to try and get his autograph.

However, as we were up in the balcony, when we tried to leave, security blocked us so all the stars could get out to their limo. Hoffman walked by a small group of us. Someone said, great movie Dustin, thanks for coming. Hoffman turned and looked at us and said, "Thanks, I just wish my part was bigger." I just thought that was hilarious. I was thinking about what my Dad always said, "there are no small parts, just small actors". But I was too stupified to think or even say that aloud. J-Mac kept trying to push me forward like she was dealing with a frightened four year old who saw Santa Claus for the first time but I wouldn't budge.

The actor who plays Ali G was also there. I have nothing funny or interesting to say about that as I barely know who that is.



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