Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where have I been?

So I haven't posted a blog entry for a while. A lot has been going on but nothing too exciting.

Top 5 reasons why I haven't posted
1. We had our second game of our best of three series in the championships for my softball league. We had already won game 1 and if we won this game, it would all be over. Our team clearly did not want to play a third game as we scored 8 runs in the top of the first to key a 25-10 victory. The trophy is currently in my living room awaiting to be engraved.

2. Took Wednesday and Thursday off to recover from our victory. Happened to watch the documentary The Aristocrats. I am not easily offended but, my god, this movie is unwatchable. Essentially it is hundreds of famous (and not so famous) stand up comedians talking about and delivering this famous joke called The Aristocrats. Here is the basic joke, guy walks into a talent agency, says to the agent that he has a great act for them. The agent asks for details...the guy responds by talking about this disgusting act that can involve anything from fecal matter, to incest to name it. After hearing this, the agent asks, "what do you call this act?". The Aristocrats is the answer. If that made you laugh...enjoy the movie. If you see it as a not very good joke and is an excuse to be as disgusting as possible...i suggest you avoid this movie. I still have not recovered.

3. Tonight is U-Cam's annual scotch party. This is always fun as all the guests bring a different bottle of scotch and you just try out different ones. At first it is interesting as you experiment with all the different tastes but the end of the night always is all of us sitting around a table grabbing whatever scotch is closest to us and drinking it. Not caring whether it is some Johnny Walker crap or a nice $200 bottle of Scotland's finest whiskey.

4. The website that details 10, 000 reasons why society is doomed. It is meant as a joke as basically anyone can post anything they want. Some of the postings are interesting like the fact that the West African Black Rhino is extinct and the fact that people who spin records are considered musicians. But some are silly like the fact that Jerry Garcia is dead and that bands like Good Charlotte and Green Day are wussy. Anyway, there are currently 4357 postings...I am still working on adding my own reason.

5. I am helping organize our Bills trip this October. We are currently going to stay in Niagara Falls the night before. The plan is to stay in a decent hotel (one without a view of the Falls as that allows them to jack the price even more), eat a restaurant that is not a chain (we decided on a mexican place called Taco N Tequila that seems to be getting good reviews on the internet) and then hit the casino. All this before we get up early on the Sunday to tailgate with a thousand Buffalonians before a Bills game. Always an interesting look at american society.

Top 5 Gordon Lightfoot songs (a top 5 list within a top 5 list!)
1. Sundown
2. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
3. If You Could Read My Mind
4. Rainy Day People
5. Carefree Highway

In the time that it took me to write this oh-so-eloquent blog entry, the 10000 reasons website has posted my entry about Niagara Falls becoming a virtual disneyland.



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