Friday, October 27, 2006

Lost has officially lost me

To quote Kramer...I AM OUT!!! This piece of shit show has screwed with me for the last time. I was never one of those obsessive fans of the show. I have colleagues at work who live and die by the show. I was more of a casual observer. I watched it every week...sometimes flipping between that and some other show.

However, as this show appears to be one of the most popular on TV, I kept giving it a shot. It looks good and is well acted. But after this week, I am officially turning my back on it.

Spoiler warning if you did not see Oct. 25th's episode. Did anyone really believe that they inserted a pacemaker into Sawyer's chest? I mean really? The whole crux of the show was that you were supposed to believe "The Others" did that. Not a chance. And the final reveal at the end of the show. That they are on a second island right beside the original one. Come on! The islands are like 10 feet telling me not one character in the month they have been there actually never saw it????

Top 5 things I hate about Lost.
1. Nothing ever gets resolved. Questions never get answered...they just create more questions. Questions on top of questions until you forget earlier questions. The fact is, the producers have no clue what they are doing. All they are trying to do is make people continue to watch week after week. Frankly, I feel used and after this week...a little dirty and soiled from being subjected to that crap yet again. If this show is going to continue to jerk me off week after week, can they not at least buy me dinner once in a while.

2. The show moves at a snail's pace. There have been four episodes so far this season and we have no moved forward. They deal with the castaways who have been captured by the others and then they move on to the rest of the castaways. Back and forth, but the plot goes at a standstill. We don't learn anything. Yes these first two complaints are similar but if they fixed one of those two would help me enjoy the show.

3. Enough with the flashbacks! I don't care that this person has a coincidental relationship with this person's father. I don't care how their current storyline on the island is similar to something they had to do months before. These flashbacks stall the storyline. So combine this with my first and second issues...the storyline actually moves backwards week to week. Today, we are actually further behind then we were at the beginning of the season.

4. There are too many freaking characters!!!! I understand that Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Sawyer (Josh Hollaway) and Jack (Matthew Fox) are the main characters but there are so many secondary characters that the show can never keep track of them. You can go weeks without favourite characters like the married Asian couple Sun-Hwa (see attached picture) and Jin-Soo speaking more than a word or two. And they keep introducing more...the tailies?...the Others?...and who was that guy hitting golf balls off the island this week. I have never seen him before in my life!!!!

5. Can they teach the actor who plays Sawyer a different look other than that sideways grimace through his greasy hair? It is getting boring.

Having said all this, the show The Nine that I was raving about weeks ago is also beginning to lose me. As opposed to Lost, it does actually move forward...but, not very quickly.

Speaking of Lost, here is a funny Monday Night Football commercial featuring some of the cast members from Lost.



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