Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Stewart/Colbert in 2008

With mid-term elections happening in the United States right now, the political buzz in that country is that Jon Stewart from the satirical news show The Daily Show and fake blowhard Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report should run for president in 2008.

Not sure if this wave (if I can call it that) is from the recent Barry Levinson directed film called Man Of The Year starring Robin Williams. Or the fact that the american people just do not have any solid candidates to vote for in 2008. I am sure it is more the latter than the former as Man Of The Year bombed at the box office. It was an interesting conceit, "what if an anchor like Jon Stewart ran for president." Plus, it co-starred Daily Show commentator Lewis Black. But based on the just wasn't that funny.

Top 5 Barry Levinson films
1. Diner
2. The Natural
3. Wag The Dog
4. Sleepers
5. Bugsy

Anyway, there is even a website selling "Stewart/Colbert in 2008" shirts and buttons. Rest assured both Stewart and Colbert have denied any interest in running. About this groundswell of support, Jon Stewart commented in an MSNBC article, as "a real sign of how sad people are with the state of affairs in the country."

Rolling Stone magazine has an interview with both Stewart and Colbert in this month's issue that is actually quite funny and enlightening about who these two men really are.

I would love to also add footage from YouTube of Stewart and Colbert to punch up this blog entry. However, Viacom, the company that owns Comedy Central home to both Stewart and Colbert's shows have asked YouTube to remove all Daily Show and Colbert Report clips from their website as "part of ongoing discussions on how the two companies can work together."

However, YouTube does have footage of Stewart on David Letterman's show 12 years ago. It is pretty funny as he riffs on among other things Jerry Seinfeld.



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