Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Rumours of Studio 60's inimment demise have NOT been greatly exaggerated. The internet is littered with bloggers and entertainment critics detailing how Studio 60 is moments away from death.

TV Barn, the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, the Seattle Times, Blogcritics magazine have all detailed that the show is about to be cancelled by NBC and Fox News even goes so far as to say that cast members have already confided to friends that they already know the end is near.

I find it interesting that this show is getting more press about being cancelled than any other show in the past five years. But that maybe more because this show is a real media insider type show and media insiders is what makes up bloggers and TV critics.

The news started off okay on Monday as apparently NBC has ordered three new scripts for Studio 60 taking it past their original 13 episode deal but that really doesn't mean all that much. As I get used to this news, I am able to think about where Studio 60 went wrong.

Top 5 reasons Studio 60 is going to fail.
1. Too much time spent on the Matt Albie (Matthew Perry)/Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulsen) relationship. If the show has a "jump the shark" moment, it is when Albie attempts to go see a girl in a group called the Bombshell Babies in order for her to sign a boot for him.

2. Too many scenes of the actual show within the show. The skits really aren't that funny.

3. The cast is just too large. Do we really need to have that many writers on staff when it seems that Perry's character is the only one who seems to do all the writing?

4. Guest stars are wasted. Sting, Felicity Huffman and Lauren Graham and with the exception of a funny scene where Perry's character gives her his number, these stars have been pretty much been doing nothing other than appear as wallpaper.

5. The first ten minutes of the pilot episode were some of the greatest moments in the history of television...yes, I honestly believe that. It hasn't come close to that level since.

Okay, I promise this will be the second last time I will write about Studio 60. Here are some funny clips that always make us laugh here at work. Hopefully it will keep your mind off my pathetic Studio 60 obsession.

First, the worst experience ever for a national anthem singer.

And second, Jim Everett attacking Jim Rome during a television interview.



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Good news about the show.

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