Monday, December 04, 2006

Down to London

Okay, i have been in the UK for four days and I have learned alot. The first three days were in London, England and let me tell you...everything you have heard is true.

Top 5 True things about London
1. Everything is ridiculously expensive here. The cost of eating and drinking is reason enough to make you go on a diet.

2. Traffic is a nightmare. Do not even bother driving or taking a taxi anywhere. It just isn't worth it. There are too many cars on the road to make it worth the bother. The tube (subway) is the only way to get around.

3. Drinking is a rampant disease in the UK. Our first night in London, thanks to the time delay from North America, we found ourselves in Leicester Square around midnight. The amount of drunks who were bumping into us our couples simply making out based on the amount of alcohol they consumed in the middle of the street as we struggled to pass by was incredible.

4. The most underrated landmark of London is the Globe Theatre. We walked by there and I was in awe. This was the home of Shakespeare's theatrical work. English language drama and comedy started right here!!! Yes, I should have been more awestruck by Big Ben or The Tower of London...but it just did not hit me vicserally like the Globe Theatre.

5. Yes, there are pubs everywhere. Really, don't like the looks of the pub in front of you? Walk a block and you will find yourself choosing between numerous other pubs. I just wish I could sound like I come from there. Not necessarily that I want the British accent...just that I could say "cheeers" or "ta" without sounding dorky.

As of last night, we are staying with J-Mac's cousin in Caerphilly, Wales which is a suburb of Cardiff. The local beer is Brains Beer which is quite good. The SA Gold is my current favourite. Our current plan is to stay here till Friday. That morning, we will by flying off to Glasgow. We will then return to London later that weekend for one last night before flying home. Considering the prices in London, we will probably be eating at Burger King and drinking the ever present rain water as the cost of living in London will probably not have improved.



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