Friday, March 23, 2007

Credit to the opening credits

The website the AV Club has listed the top 22 TV opening credits that best fit their shows perfectly. The page includes links to youtube with the actual sequences so you can see them for yourselves. It's a great list because instead of painfully boring ones like the one for Cheers, they have actual great ones like Dexter (my current favourite) and Homicide: Life On The Street.

Top 5 Opening Credits (not on that list)
3. King Of Kensington
4. The Office (the British version)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say the show Crime Story is missing:

As well as The Muppets:

From a Canadian angle how about The Littlest Hobo:

I still also like the opening for Tour of Duty:

And let's not forget:

Miami Vice

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