Saturday, March 31, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year

March and April of each year always whizzes by for me. There is just so much going on that I can hardly breath. My birthday in early April seems like an afterthought. Last weekend alone I went to the Raptor game on Friday with jayman for our annual birthday night out (our birthdays are a day apart). And then on the Sunday, I attended my yearly baseball fantasy draft at the CBC building in downtown Toronto.

On top of that, I've just discovered the website, so I really have no time to breathe.

Top 5 things I love about this time of year.

1. The beginning of baseball season. In general, I love the sport (that picture is Brewer second baseman Rickie Weeks who is poised to have a huge season). I love the statistics (the stats OPS and WHIP are just fascinating to me) and I just love the drama of the sport. My own softball team is getting ready to defend our championship starting on April 24th. As well, this year, I am in three different baseball fantasy leagues. The first being the aforementioned one with some CBC employees, the second one among employees at my office (I won this pool last year) and a third that our network just started online and I am helping test out for them.

2. Basketball season is at its most exciting. March Madness is in full swing. Though I did choose not to go in a March Madness pool this year. As much as i love the do or die action, there is no point for me to be in a pool. I don't know Texas A & M from Texas Tech. I literally am just guessing. And with so many baseball pools to worry about at the same time...I might as well save my money. Plus, as a basketball fan, there is the Raptors to care about as well. If you did not see the highlights from last night, Mo Pete threw up a hail mary of a three pointer with a second left to tie the game and put it to overtime where the Raptors ended up defeating the Wizards 123-118. What's funny about that three pointer is that Wizards star Gilbert Arenas literally threw the ball up in the air like he thought the game was over. Mo Pete grabbed it and shot that three pointer from about 31 feet out. It was his ONLY SHOT OF THE GAME!!! This shot will begin to develop legendary status. I still could not believe it when I saw it.

3. Hockey is almost over. Yeah, whatever, I said it. In general, the sport is boring and silly and this year was no different. Plus, if the Leafs make the playoffs, it is impossible to get into sports bars at night. And if they win a game or god forbid a series...than there is an impromptu parade in various parts of the city. My highlight of the season had to have been the Wade Belak-Cam Janssen fight from March. As hockey fans will remember, New Jersey Devil Cam Janssen put a late hit on Tom Kaberle earlier in the season and the Leafs were looking for revenge. So Belak going after Janssen the next time the two teams met was as pre-destined as the fact that there will be a fourth Final Destination film. It's a good thing I already knew that Dancing With The Stars was on FOX because after watching this is hard to tell the difference. Take a look.

Having said that, I am playing in a road hockey tournament today. I am not even sure why.

4. The weather is getting better. This goes without saying. The toques and gloves get put away, you start wearing a "windbreaker" instead of a jacket. I never did understand that term windbreaker.

5. J-Mac and I always end up travelling somewhere at this time of year. Last year it was Florida for a family reunion. The year before that was Chicago. And, through much happenstance, we are going to Chicago again this year. She is going on business at the end of April. I am joining her on the Thursday of that week. Looking forward to it.

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