Thursday, April 05, 2007

Peas on Earth

I think we all can agree that The Black Eyed Peas sold their soul to the devil a number of years ago. They were originally a decent underground hip-hop group with the 1998 album Behind The Front and the 2000 follow up release Bridging The Gap.

They then hired virtual unknown singer Stacy Ferguson and the band exploded with a pretty terrific song called Where Is The Love. They were then every where...videos all over the place, award show appearances, they even performed at a Grey Cup half time show.

Meanwhile their music became poppier and poppier. With Ferguson's recent success with her debut album The Dutchess and the irritating hit songs London Bridge and Glamourous, I am guessing her days with the Peas are numbered.

However, thanks to youtube, one of the Peas more irritating songs My Humps has been covered by Canadian Alanis Morrissette. With almost no promotion, this video is all over the place and borders on brilliant. Take a look

Top 5 Alanis songs
1. Head Over Feet
2. You Learn
3. Hands Clean
4. My Humps
5. You Oughta Now



Blogger Merdus said...

Great post Jim. Every time I read your blog I wonder why I go so long without reading it. Then I get home and I remember why. More time at work then at home! Anyway, I checked out the original My Humps after seeing Morisette's version and imo it crosses the border (into brilliance). Morisette's version is extremely effective commentary on ... um... tripe. I love the way the melody shows the original lyrics up as such - not to mention that it's a great exposition of her own vastly superior skill as a singer. Great stuff!


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