Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spoiler alert of season 6 of 24

Seriously, I am talking about, well complaining about the current season of 24. If you are not caught up or plan on waiting to rent the DVD...don't read after this first paragraph. However, feel free to enjoy this picture of 24's own Chloe O'Brian (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub). She is on the cover of Geek Monthly and there is a small interview with her that is mostly about computer stuff so it is more greek than it is geek to me.

Top 5 things wrong with Season 6 of 24 (so far)
1. Everything appears to be so arbitrary in order to lengthen the season's fairly weak plot. One week, a character appears to be bad. The next week he is good but pretended to be bad due to certain circumstances. (ie Jack's brother Graem, Jack's Dad Philip, Abu Fayed, Hamri Al-Assad and Nadia Yassir). And I wrote this prior to this week's turn around of President Wayne Palmer!!!!

2. No matter what happens, remember what Jack is going through is occuring right after being flown from China to the US in a cargo plane! I flew from London to Toronto a couple of months ago and I was messed up for two days. This guy's trip was twice as long and not even close to being as comfortable! And yet he is still kicking ass and taking names.

3. The storylines within CTU this season feel contrived. Chloe apparently choosing her grumpy bald sarcastic ex husband Morris over rather virile young Milo Pressman. And speaking of Chloe, she was in the early episodes of this season too much. Just spouting off Chloe-like lines but really being of no value. Now she has only one line per week and it is usually something about whether Morris is still fit to do his work or not. Other than that she sits around looking like Chloe and doing little of anything else of substance.

4. The addition of Palmer's sister Sandra. This is a limited actress essentially playing the same smart, sassy black woman that actress Regina King has been playing since she was in Jerry Maguire. Her storyline with her boyfriend/client Walid Al-Rezani at the beginning of the season was the weakest in the history of the series. They gladly ended that rather quickly and it looked like Palmer was going to be written out as well. But then they tacked on this storyline about her brother's attempted assasination so she's back and just making the season endlessly tedious.

5. With the addition of Peter MacNicol as special advisor to the President Tom Lennox and Powers Boothe as Vice President Noah Daniels, the show has been filled with more quality character actors than ever before. However, the scripts and the overall tone of this season is wasting this quality unlike ever before. Considering how good season 5 was, season 7 better be spectacular enough to make us forget this current rather unremarkable year.


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