Monday, June 12, 2006

Good news, bad news

Okay, here's the good. Oregon State University researchers have identified an ingredient in beer may help prevent prostate cancer. Apparently the compound xanthohumol, found in hops helps guard against cancer cells that can develop in the prostate gland.

Okay, here's the bad. There is such a minute trace of this compound in hops that you would need to drink more than 17 beers to get the benificial effect. However, the Germans (ooo the Germans) have developed a beer with a more concentrated version of xanthohumol.

Top 5 of my favourite beers
1. Sam Adams Boston Lager
2. Smithwicks
3. Guiness
4. Sleeman IPA
5. Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

As long as I can remember discerning good beer from bad, I have always liked Sam Adams. Getting it in Canada, is quite a chore. Here in Toronto, the Bier Markt had it on draught years ago but they stopped. Good thing as I hate going there anyway. Too pricey and too snobby. They probably still have it in bottles as well as other establishments that advertise as having hundreds of beers like Smokeless Joes and the Beer Bistro. But it feels like I am the only one in Canada who actually cares about drinking this amber goldness.

But in the US, they have it everywhere. Last time I was in Chicago, we went to this italian restaurant called Maggiano's. I asked the bartender for a Sam Adams and he said something that still brings tears to my eyes, "which kind?". You see there are dozens of kinds from summer ales to lagers that just are not available in Canada.

J-Mac and I were stuck in Plattsburgh, New York one night. The town looked almost deserted but we were still able to go to the store and get some beer. They practically had a wall of different Sam Adams. However, we drive an hour north to Ottawa and you can only get the basic version and even that is only in bottles.

As a matter of fact, we were in St. Pete's beach earlier this year. We went to this nasty bar just off the beach and even THEY had Sam Adams on draught. AND when we went to this tennis club for the family reunion, even THEY had it on draught. In other words, what I am saying is that if Samuel Adams is still around and needs a head of public relations here in Canada, I am willing to take the job. It's the least I could do if it helps our people drink more xanthohumol.



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