Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday Musings

So I spent another Monday night watching Canadian Idol. I still don't know why they have four judges. The funny thing is they are all basically mean. Even Sass Jordan, the nice one, can be a little harsh. The one thing this foursome does do is actually try to make a difference. They do offer advice to help people, even in the tryout stage. One poor guy who had a decent voice last night, kept doing this Mariah Carey over-singing, stretching out the vocals thing. They advised me him how to tone it done, he did it during the same audition and ended up going to "Hollywood"...well Toronto anyway.

Cogs of The Cogs Tabloid is currently touring Europe having just left Amsterdam and is currently in Germany to watch some world cup matches with his brother. His postings while there are pretty funny. He is sounding like Vincent Vega (John Travolta) in Pulp Fiction talking about what is different over in Europe compared to North America. Speaking of John Travolta, it's funny that his scientology beliefs haven't made him as wacky as Tom Cruise. Though, judging by his movie choices, maybe they have.

Top 5 John Travolta Movies

1. Pulp Fiction

2. Saturday Night Fever

3. Get Shorty

4. Blow Out

5. Primary Colors

My sister in law Tokyo Lola has also jumped in on the blog bandwagon. She is currently living in Japan and her postings are a fascinating look at Japanese life. Plus the pictures are cool.

Have you read the sordid sex stories of Heather Mills (nee McCartney). Fascinating stuff. Makes you wonder the reason behind the recent ending of her marriage to Paul McCartney. Maybe it was based on her feelings on his weaker songs like Freedom or (shudder) Pipes of Peace.

Still not catching World Cup fever yet. As J-Mac is a soccer fan, I am stuck watching this tournament every four years. I get that this is the best soccer in the world but I never know who to cheer for. And do I really care. I can't get into it. And why must people in the city of Toronto whose parents were born in some place in Europe get into fights with other people from the city of Toronto whose parents were born in some other place in Europe?



Anonymous 7 said...

can't argue with the top 2 travoltas but I have always been a fan of Faceoff (sheer unintentional comedy) and A Civil Action (perhaps you have to be a lawyer)

cheer for England -- when faced with any opposing argument from a fan of another country you can usually counter with "didn't we conquer your country once?"

5:10 PM  

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