Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I don't know karate...but I know car-azy

Entertainment Weekly has a list of the top 10 car chases in the history of film. They have the top 3 dead right (but in the wrong order) with #1 being The French Connection, #2 Bullitt and #3 Ronin. Personally, I would take Bullitt because of the realism of McQueen who clearly is doing all the stunt driving. And, if you remember, the person who is doing the chasing at the beginning of the car chase actually becomes the chas-ee by the end of it. No other car chase has that.

My Top 5 Car Chase scenes
1. Bullitt
2. The French Connection
3. Ronin
4. The Blues Brothers
5. Die Hard With A Vengeance

The French Connection was amazing under the elevated subway as Gene Hackman grits his teeth and yells at everyone to get out of his way. But nothing beats Bullitt.

Also on the list is The Blues Brothers (too low at #7) and Charlie's Angels at #9 (yeah, I don't remember that either). Die Hard With A Vengeance should be on the list and it's omission clearly hurts the list's credibility. I would put it at #5. The whole movie is one long chase scene with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson commandeering vehicles from taxis to private citizens vehicles as they search around Manhattan for clues by madman Simon Gruber (brother of Alan Rickman's character from the first Die Hard).

I am a little concerned about the in production sequel to Die Hard tentatively called Die Hard 4: Die Hardest. The early details on the plot is that Willis' character comes out of retirement to defeat an internet based terrorist organization. They will obviously put his family in jeopardy since the cast will include his son and daughter. The daughter was almost played by "shudder" Jessica Simpson and the son may be played by Justin Timberlake. Plus, the director is Len Wiseman whose only other credits are the Underworld movies (which I have seen neither of but doesn't help lessen my worry in the least).

Speaking of concerns, apparently, Eminem is going to star in a film version of the western Have Gun, Will Travel. Don't worry, it won't be an actual western. He will actually be a modern day bounty hunter. Not sure if that makes it better or worse.



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