Tuesday, June 26, 2007

While Paris rots...I didn't write

Apologies to all faithful narrator readers, Paris Hilton was in prison while OJ Simpson continued to look for the "real killers" on the golf course, I had my own self imposed exile. Or I was just too lazy to write, one or the other.

Paris is going to be on Larry King Wednesday night. She needs the 24 hours to meet with her new publicist first to prep her for what I am sure will be a solid hour of softball questions like "So what's next for Paris?" and "really, what was it like in prison?"

Okay, back to the real reason I am writing. The website Retrocrush has released a list of the 100 worst cover songs of all time. As I have written before, cover songs are an interesting concept. Do you re-record a song that everyone already knows like Wilson Pickett's Hey Jude or Otis Redding's Satisfaction. Or do you take a song that is a little more obscure like Rod Stewart doing Tom Waits' Downtown Train or Three Dog Night doing Hoyt Axton's Never Been To Spain. Do you record it note for note the same like Cheap Trick did with Elvis' Don't Be Cruel or do you completely rework it like Aretha Franklin did with Otis Redding's Respect.

The list from retrocrush is interesting as it includes, whenever possible, links to youtube with the actual videos. The list has stuff you've never heard of like Mae West doing Twist & Shout or stuff you heard too much like I Got You Babe by UB40 and Chrissie Hynde. The aforementioned Paris Hilton makes the list. However, most interesting is #1 on the list. Trust me, it is a shocker.

Top 5 Beatles' Albums
1. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. The Beatles
3. Abbey Road
4. Let It Be
5. Revolver


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