Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The final time I mention Studio 60

Many months ago, when Studio 60 was struggling in the ratings and I was talking about the show on a weekly basis, people were telling me to stuff it. So I agreed to only talk about the show one more time...so here it is.

It's over. Officially. However, NBC is letting the remaining 6 episodes make it to air. It will take over the ER timeslot at 10 pm on Thursday nights starting May 24.

Over the weekend, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette had a nice article about the set being torn down along with comments from some of the members of the cast and crew about what went wrong with this criticly praised/audience ignored show.

If you want even more feedback from the series creator Aaron Sorkin about what went wrong, check out this article from the San Francisco Chronicle in February.

So I hope all you fans of crap TV are happy. A well written, albeit flawed show is off the air. More room for reality shows, crappy sitcoms with fat husbands with hot wives and every kind of CSI/Law & Order show that can possibly be produced. Enjoy.

Top 5 Renee Zellwegger films (she did the film Down With Love with studio 60 castmate Sarah Paulsen)
1. Jerry Maguire
2. Bridget Jones's Diary
3. Cinderella Man
4. Chicago
5. Nurse Betty



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