Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's A Kind Of Magic

I believe people can be put into two groups, you are either a fan of magic or you are indifferent to magic. Before this past Friday, I was definately in the former category. But on Friday night, I went to see David Copperfield. And somehow, I am still in that same category.

Don't get me wrong, I am fascinated with famed magician Harry Houdini but that is more about the strange details of his death that fascinated me more than anything. The rumoured death from punch actually appears to be true.

Anyway, the Copperfield show started with a large screen indicating all of the accolades Mr. Copperfield has won from being knighted in France to being named the top magician of the 20th Century (not sure who would have finished second, Doug Henning?)

Copperfield then showed a collection of clips from TVs and movies that reference himself. The funniest were clips from Conan O'Brien which were a parody of Copperfield complete with the hair and the intense state into the camera.

it was too bad he didn't include Copperfield's brief appearance during a cold open from an episode of Scrubs which I thought was pretty funny.

Copperfield is probably best known for his made-for-tv specials where he "made" the statue of liberty. I don't know, since it was on TV, I didn't find it all that dramatic.

There is also the time he "walked through" the wall of China. If you didn't see it, you are probably thinking about how he could have possibly done it. Well, there was a lot more to it, take a look.

A show called Trickbusters theorized on how this was possibly done. The show is pretty cheap but they do a credible job of explaining it, take a look.

I guess I should talk about the Copperfield show itself. It certainly was entertaining. He does a good job of being slick while not appearing too slick. The part that always gets me in magic shows is the use of the audience. I figure they are either hired for the show...or simply play along just for the thrill of being in the show. Even though, they really know what happened.

For instance, the show's finale involved Copperfield throwing out 13 giant beach balls into the audience. Who ever was holding it after the music stopped was to come on stage. 9 of these 13 people were then put into a box in the middle of the stage. A curtain surrounded the box and then "poof", they were gone. They then showed up at the back of the room. Obviously they were taken under the stage and around to the front. So they really know what happened. Why aren't they talking about it? Why arent they being interviewed? Why isn't there blogs written by these people?

I have to admit, as I was watching Copperfield speak to the female members of the audience, I thought back about this document I saw on the website TMZ. It detailed how his staff were to handle female audience members that Copperfield felt would be good for "future projects". Take a look, it is kind of creepy.

All in all, I was glad to have seen the show. It was something I could say I have done. I mean, he is the Michael Jordan of magic...but still. It isn't really magic. They are tricks designed to fool the audience using lights, angles and his team of assistants.

Top 5 Songs with the word Magic in the title
1. Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)
2. Magic Man (Heart)
3. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police)
4. Do You Believe In Magic (The Lovin' Spoonful)
5. That Old Black Magic (Louis Prime & Keely Smith version)

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