Monday, May 15, 2006

Two wild and crazy guys

In honour of the current season of 24 wrapping up in the coming weeks, I decided to look for some interesting theories on the web about how the season is going to wrap up. Personally, I think this has been the best season so far. But I am a little stupid when it comes to the show. I still think Tony isn't really dead and that my favourite character, Chloe, will be the head of CTU next season.

The most interesting thing I found was a video clip of a drunken Kiefer Sutherland attacking a hotel lobby Christmas tree. According to one witness...

"At 2am bar staff refused to serve any more alcohol. Undaunted, Kiefer persuaded management to let them loose in the lobby.
He ordered yet more booze on room service, then staggered around the entrance hall, entertaining pals with a bizarre, flailing breakdancing routine.
It was then that a huge Christmas tree caught his eye.
"I hate that f***ing Christmas tree," he declared. "The tree HAS to come down."
Kiefer warned staff: "I'm smashing it - can I pay for it?"
A staff member replied: "I'm absolutely sure you can, sir."
The Lost Boys star - famously ditched by Julia Roberts five days before their wedding in 1991 - then hurled himself into the Norwegian Spruce, sending baubles and lights crashing to the ground. Pulling pine needles out of his hair and t-shirt, he said to a hotel employee: "Ooh sorry about're so cool. This f***ing hotel rocks."

Here is a link to the footage...Kiefer vs. the tree.

Apparently, the numbers for the first two weekends of the release of the film Mission Impossible 3 has caused panic at Paramount. The paltry 47.7 million it made during it's first week is well below expectations. Hands up anyone who could not have guessed this? Perhaps his wacky behaviour with Oprah and Matt Lauer finally has people second guessing his sanity.

Top 5 Tom Cruise movies
1. Jerry Maguire
2. Minority Report
3. Mission Impossible
4. A Few Good Men
5. Magnolia

Played 18 holes of golf for the first time in my life. Let me just say this, I got a par on the 15th hole. However, the less said about the other 17 holes the better.



Blogger Merdus said...

Interesting that Top Gun & Days of Thunder aren't in there. Too old, I guess. Nicole Kidman was so hot in the latter. I think you may be on to something. Tom & Kiefer may be distantly related... or fame is like some funked out ultra potent ego-crack...

10:36 PM  
Blogger your faithful narrator said...

I just realized the connection between Tom and Kiefer. They were both in A Few Good Men.

8:10 AM  
Blogger JMacK said...

Why does Tom Cruise have a scene where he runs in every single one of his films?

11:32 PM  

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